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Artistic installation kolovrat

The pavilion is temporary architecture, an observation deck wood from which to contemplate the specificity of our territory. The choice of Mount Kolovrat, in the municipality of Drenchia, is motivated by the possibility of extending the view, in the days of good weather to the sea, framing the horizon to the south and the Black Mountain on the north side. The location on the border line, with the two main openings on the territory of the Italian and Slovenian, also wants to be a cause for reflection on the relationship between the two peoples. It is an intimate space, a visual telescope from which to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.
It is expected to leave the observatory on Mount Kolovrat for a year, to see how the architecture blends into the environment in the various seasons of the year and how the wood reacts to different weather conditions. The entire building has been rea-played in wood, with a structure of beams with variable cross-section 10×10 cm and 5×20 cm in spruce and a covering strip 5 cm wide beech. The blades were made from waste materials, from wood to first cut; faces with the bark are facing outwards, giving the entire roof a natural character. The slats have been positioned vertically with a vacuum of 4 cm between one and the other to filter the sunlight inside and create a particular effect of light.
The material of choice wants to be an expression of economy and simplicity, the principles that underlie the project.

The project was self-managed and self-financed by studio QRZ and by Associazione Culturale Modo.