The artistic lab Reshape takes place in the wide-ranging context of the European project “Reshape, art and culture reshaping urban life”, a series of events on a European level aiming to analyse the connection/relation between art and the city.

For one week, about 30 young artists mainly from Italy, Czech Republic and Germany lived and worked in the space of the “Park of Cement”, which proves to be a perfect setting for creativity. The integration of the three elements of art, citizenship and urban space generated a fertile and collective reflection on the questions concerning the city. The experience of Reshape gave the opportunity not only to the artists, but also to the citizens to recognize art as an important instrument for rethinking and remodelling urban space, and giving it new forms, in particular as far as relations are concerned.

These analyses and the works, produced during the lab, have been presented during the final event of the project which took place in Cannaregio, Venice on the 28th of June 2012.

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